State of Local Emergency

June 20, 9:40 AM State of Local Emergency Update: The State of Local Emergency has now been repealed. We would like to offer heartfelt and sincere thanks to our staff, the RCMP, the Fire Department, and the many volunteers and local businesses who helped us get through this emergency event. We are grateful for the patience, help, and well wishes of our residents.

We are currently working to remove debris from the footings of the 3rd Ave E bridge. Once the debris is removed we will reopen the bridge since there does not appear to be erosion around the bridge.

Since the creek’s level is still quite high and dangerous we ask that everyone continue to stay away from creek. There has been significant erosion of the creek bank in some areas, and the eroded areas are usually not visible when you are standing on the bank above them. We are worried that people could fall into the creek by accident, so we ask that everyone please stay off the nature trail and far away from the creek until the creek has returned to safe levels.

Please stay safe, and thank you for weathering this storm so well!

June 19, 4:30 PM State of Local Emergency Update: This afternoon at about 12:00-1:30 PM the creek appeared to reach its peak. We’ve seen it go down a foot or two since then and Alberta Environment isn’t forecasting any additional surges today. We hope that over the next day or two the creek will get down to safe levels again. We will have Town employees checking the creek, sewer and storm water levels throughout the night. Since the water level is still very high and dangerous we’re still asking everyone to stay away from the creek, Lions Park, the creekside nature trail, and low lying areas.

The 3rd Ave E bridge is closed to all automotive and pedestrian traffic due to the high water levels and the debris that is lodged against the bridge footing. We are concerned that the bridge may be experiencing additional stress from the debris and will not be reopening the the bridge until we can remove the debris.

We will be keeping the State of Local Emergency in place until at least tomorrow again, until we are sure that the weather is not going to pose a threat to the town.

If you see anything of concern, please call the RCMP or the Town call out line at 403-653-5035.

June 19, 9:40 AM State of Local Emergency Update: The creek has risen high enough that we are now closing the 3rd Ave E bridge. Please stay away from the bridge and low lying areas and do not drive in the water on the street to keep the waves down.

June 19, 9:00 AM State of Local Emergency Update: Good morning all. This morning we’re still seeing the creek at very high levels. There’s a chance of more rain today. We will continue to monitor the water level until it falls back to safe levels. For now we continue to ask everyone to avoid the creek and to stay away from low lying areas. Properties adjacent to the creek should still be ready for possible evacuation just in case things do get a worse in a hurry.

June 18, 9:00 PM State of Local Emergency Update: Good evening everyone. The creek has risen dramatically in the last couple of hours. We would ask that everyone continue to be careful around the creek and low lying areas. There are a lot of people driving over the bridges and along the creek, and we would ask that everyone stay clear of the areas for the time being. Properties adjacent to the creek need to be prepared for a possible evacuation. We hope no one has to go anywhere, but please be prepared. Any homes that were in a area of concern were contacted this morning. We will have staff out all night monitoring creek breaches, storm water and sewer levels. If you see anything of concerns, please call the RCMP or the Town call out line at 403-653-5035.

June 18, 1:05 PM State of Local Emergency Update: We have been watching the creek closely and are pleased to see that the swells predicted this morning for this afternoon did not, or have not yet occurred. All of our sanitary and storm lines are close to normal capacity and moving nicely. We are still keeping pumps in place until we know for sure that the worst is over. We would ask that everyone continue to stay cautious and safe as the levels of the creek are indeed down, but still very high and dangerous. We will also be keeping the state of local emergency in place at least until tomorrow, until we know for sure that the weather is in our favour.

June 18, 10:19 AM Power Update: Everyone should have power back on as normal. If you are still experiencing power issues, please call the Town office at 403-653-3366

June 18, 9:49 AM Power Update: Fortis just called. In about 10 minutes they will be disconnecting the power completely for a 15 minute repair. After the 15 minutes they will reconnect and the power will be back on.

June 18, 9:30 AM Power Update: Fortis has just let us know that they should have power restored to Cardston in about 30 minutes.

June 18, 8:25 AM Power Outage Notification: We have been notified that there is a Fortis power line that has gone down just outside of Town. We currently do not have a timeline for when Fortis will be able to have the power back up.

June 18, 8:23 AM State of Local Emergency Update: The water in Lee Creek peaked at about 4:00 AM. The level went down quite quickly and no residences were seriously threatened during the night. A few residences were put on notice that an evacuation might be required, but no one was evacuated.

Alberta Environment has forecasted that Lee Creek will peak again with similar flow rates around noon today. The flow may be higher than this morning because the rain is also forecasted to pickup around the same time. We will immediately notify any residences that may be in danger if an evacuation should be necessary.

June 18, 4:05 AM State of Local Emergency Update: The Town of Cardston has formally declared a State of Local Emergency. There are currently elevated water levels in Lee Creek that has lead to flooding in low lying areas. We are advising everyone to stay away from Lee’s Creek and to STAY AWAY FROM ALL LOW LYING AREAS.

Do not drive through water on streets to help keep the waves down.

If you live adjacent to Lee’s Creek be prepared to evacuate. The Town will immediately advise affected residences if evacuation becomes necessary. Unless you are contacted, you do not need to take any action at this time. Please monitor the situation and make preparations for potential further actions.

For further updates, please check the Alberta Emergency Alert Website, the Town Website, and the Town’s Facebook Page. If you have urgent questions you can call the Town Office at 403-653-3366, but please limit calls to urgent inquiries and notifications.